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Maecenas Group is a Micro Venture Capitalist — although we prefer the term Catalyst. Our experience and network bring out the best in the businesses we work with.

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created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

A Platform of

our engaged mentors cherish the Life-Long-Learning attitude sharing their experiences.

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Quality of Life

We create unique biospheres where values are converted into goals.

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In order to create successful companies we invest in people & projects. Together we target results.

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we are dedicated to fulfill dreams. Integrity and transparency are the keys to success.

We help entrepreneurs grow their ideas to their full potential, to a true concept that comes to life in a stable and solid environment. Our goal is to build organizations with a future and a contribution to society. That may sound ambitious. And it probably is. But there are many entrepreneurs out there who miss the framework to turn their dream into reality. It is our dream to change that.

How Maecenas Group rolls

A potential cooperation entails analysis and lots of paperwork — that’s just part of the deal. But for our concern, it essentially comes down to this:

1. Ideas that captivate

If you’re only looking for a financial partner, Maecenas Group is probably not suited for you. We are, however, the perfect partner for an entrepreneur who wants to pursue his dreams. In this process, entrepreneurial enthousiasm, creativity and feasibility are key.

2. Business ethics

The relationship with our entrepreneurs is a lot more intense than that of an investor with his investment. The basis of our cooperation is trust. Besides that, we need to share the same vision on entrepreneurship. To us, that’s business ethics: working in an open and honest way with honorable and sustainable goals.

3. Sustainable success

Evidently, cooperation is only worthwhile if both Maecenas Group and the entrepreneur are convinced of the company’s potential in the long run. We want to help grow companies that have that long-term ambition. Our mission is to build, not to yield short term profit.

4. Roles in the right hands

Maecenas Group doesn’t take leadership out of your hands — we only give support by putting our experience and knowhow at your disposal. That’s why we only cooperate with startups or companies we strongly believe in. We’re looking for fully operational companies that have their long-term goals set out.

Our ventures

Offers Customer Centric Technical Solutions

Parcify uses a combination of technology, logistics, & outstanding customer service to make sure people won’t miss a delivery.

VicThorious is a continuous deployment and hosting platform driven by data.

We invent & design digital products and services.

Monitor, manage and maintain remote hardware systems.

Hyperlane is a Cloud Management Platform for Digital Agencies

Fitnatic is a platform that connects unused hotel fitness infrastructure to sport loving citizens .

DeltaBlue designs, builds and maintains high-performance cloud environments.

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Our team

Jonas Coenen

Founder & partner

Jonas has a passion for people, entrepreneurship and technology. He's a rational decision maker based on facts and large volume data, but his strategy and long-term goals are driven by intuition and gut feeling. Even though IT has been a consistant factor throughout his career, Jonas has taken part in various types of industries. Being amazed by how experience in one business can pay off in another, Jonas developed the concept of Maecenas Group.

Dimitri Vandormael


Dimitri is passionate about business and entrepreneurship. During his studies Commercial Engineer (Solvay), he organized a Trade Mission for SMEs to Vietnam. He started his professional career with an International Management Traineeship at a financial institution, thereby gaining a deep understanding on the world of finance and the impact it has on the economy.

He made his first entrepreneurial steps as partner of a cluster of retail banking branches, thereby heading the department servicing professional clients.

At Maecenas Group, Dimitri is responsible for analyzing innovative business concepts and translating them into viable business strategies. He also manages the relationships with external financial stakeholders.

Dimitri is hands on, enjoys leading a team and working with people.

Pieter Hayen


Pieter is a fluent and confident young entrepreneur. He loves people and considers his business partners, staff and network, as his greatest assets. Pieter's determination, stability and persistence are his strongest personality traits. He loves his job and he's keen to develop himself and optimize his work. In today's environment, the challenges aren't always easy, but... "straight roads do not make skilful drivers." Pieter looks forward to the future and maybe your paths cross.

Bram Pieters


All his life, Bram has been passionate about technology. He studied applied aviation mechanics and was surprised that his paper about Electronic Flight Instruments, was used by many Sabena pilots and engineers.

In 2003, Bram founded iGlobe, specializing in ICT-consultancy. His advise on development operations, testing and security, supported Nascom (founded by Jonas) on multiple occasions. Sharing values both on private and a professional level, Bram and Jonas co-founded Maecenas Group.

Bram has the talent to screen the technical architecture of a project with tremendous accuracy. Together with Jonas, he is responsible for the intake of new ventures.

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